10 Reasons You Should be Podcasting
Rachelle Wooten
Fort Bend ISD
Podcasting Livebinder

1. You want to make learning fun!
2. Your students are highly motivated when they have an authentic audience.
3. You extend the learning beyond the classroom.
4. You can use podcasting to help meet many of your instructional goals.
5. You are customizing learning to meet the needs of all students.
6. You are always on! (even when you're off)
7. You are helping them focus on what matters.
8. You don't need a lot of money or equipment.
9. You can do this!
10. You are their model.

Radio Willow Web: If you want to listen to the podcast that I played at the beginning, you can find them in iTunes.
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Rachelle Wooten
Educational Technology Specialist
Fort Bend ISD
(281) 634-9875